Sunday Gourmet

This is the Depot's newest cooking series in collaboration with Chef Jason Corbridge of Vmbrello. Each class will feature a different guest chef and focus on a different style and cuisine. The classes will take place the 4th Sunday of each month and we take care of everything! 

Upon arrival, guests will receive a welcome cocktail that pairs with your class and be escorted to your cook station where all the necessary ingredients and cooking tools await. Our Chefs will be your personal concierge, guiding you through history and techniques for making your meal.

Every guest will get private coaching, personal tips, and have lots of fun together! 


Tickets are $100 each and include all the ingredients for your meal. 

May 23, 2021: The Spanish Practice of Eating Big Lunches

The Spanish know how important it is to enjoy life, and their food culture is a world example. Eating is not a rushed affair - meals are the most important part of the day, and a traditional lunch can last as long as three or more hours (with a siesta!). Let our two Chefs teach you how to perfect the casual nature of delicious tortillas, barbacoa and el postre in our Spanish cooking classes: The Practice of Eating Big Lunches.

  • Location: The Post at the Billings Depot
  • Time: 2pm to 6pm
  • Guest Chef: Jonathan Reyes, By All Means

Guests receive a complimentary Sangria upon arrival


Sangria: Brief discussion of sangria and what it is

Tortilla Making: How to make corn tortilla dough and press into tortillas

Barbacoa: What is barbacoa and how to make it. We will be cooking lamb leg and vegetarian tacos. Each guest will make a lil' batch of marinade or rub and be able to take it home.

Mezcal: What is mezcal? How is it different from tequila and what do you do with it?

El Postre: Mexican desserts and a lesson on making a dessert salad with mango and avocado with mezcal honey