Over a century ago, this beautiful historic building was built as the centerpiece of downtown Billings, serving as the venue of choice for many of the most important visitors in Billings’ history, including numerous presidents, governors, Hollywood celebrities, and even visiting royalty! Over a decade ago, a group of concerned citizens banded together to form “Billings Depot Inc.”, a non-profit agency dedicated to restoring, preserving, and promoting this historic property for the benefit of the public. Today, the Depot has been lovingly restored to its place as the center of our community, and plays host to dozens of Billings’ signature fundraisers and non-profit events. The Depot is comprised of four main public spaces: The beautiful Passenger Station, the spacious Baggage Room, and two new outdoor event venues, Gainan’s Courtyard, for small-medium sized events, and Trailhead Plaza for large and “super-sized” events.

As a benefit to the community, the Depot offers a special discount to non-profit agencies to assist you with your fundraiser. For more information, or to schedule a private tour of the facility, please email the Director at jennifermercer@billingsdepot.org. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect event!