The Billings Depot is a 501(c)3 nonprofit special events venue that remains financially sustainable through three core revenue streams: facility rentals, private and corporate donations and rental fees from building leases on the Depot property.

Monies raised from these sources goes directly to support capital improvements necessary to preserve and protect our historic buildings.


  • Michelle Williams, Executive Director
  • Miyan Hungerford, Sales & Events Manager
  • Marty Briggs & Ken Frazier, Property Management Team
  • Berta Murnion, Business Support Manager

Board of Directors

  • Karl DeCock, President
  • Mehmet Casey, Vice President
  • Molly Schwend, Secretary
  • Al McCormick, Treasurer
  • Cam Schieno
  • Adrianna Potts
  • Marcell Bruski
  • Jacqui Hughes
  • Robby Carmody
  • Alan Vogt
  • Ryan Duffy
  • Lora Mattox
  • Aly Murnion