Revel is the next phase of Taste of Billings and is the very first experiential event for Billings, allowing attendees to enjoy a dining experience through all five senses.   Watch for the next Revel in April, 2020!

Revel will highlight 11 teams each featuring 1 business, 1 chef, 1 artist and 1 butler. These teams will be creating unique dining environments called Coves, using the business as the theme and incorporating all 5 senses into the space. Maybe you’ll be dining in an elegant cave environment or a cove dripping with ink. Maybe one course of the meal will be served blindfolded or a projection artist will help you visually see time. Each cove is different and highlights the talents and creativity of the team in ways you’ve never considered.

The most luxurious, spectacular event of the year! REVEL is the first of its kind allowing each REVELer to create their own unique experience. You decide how much fun you have. This is Carnival meets Black Tie Formal.

Revel is still the Depot’s largest fundraiser. As a community owned nonprofit, the Depot raises funds to help preserve and protect the four historic buildings on the Depot campus and ensure they remain open and accessible to the community.  All donations from sponsors, partners and guests contribute to preserving these precious buildings for future generations.

Want to get involved? Contact Michelle Williams:


Event Dates

  • Apr 03, 2020
  • Apr 04, 2020