The Wild Women of the West is a membership organization founded with the intent of supporting the ongoing preservation and community enrichment activities of the historic Billings Depot. The Wild Women of the West is a fabulous group of ladies of all ages and backgrounds who get together once a month for fun and entertaining girls nights out.

To become a member, each woman makes a minimum of $100 tax-deductible donation to the nonprofit Depot per year. In exchange, the Billings Depot puts on 4 totally FREE fabulous socials per year, including wine, food, and entertainment, plus other fun events on a monthly basis in between the socials.

In addition, the Wild Women of the West select one project each year to work on as a membership in support of their mission of Depot preservation and community enrichment. For 2018, the project is to develop the very first pocket park and rain garden in Downtown Billings.

A space is a void. Nothing happens there. We pass it by without much thought. A place is a destination. We want to go there. We want to be there. Placemaking is about transforming ugly and underutilized spaces in our communities into vibrant, attractive, inviting, and memorable places.

For 2018, the Wild Women of the West membership have selected the green space at the East end of the Depot property to renovate and convert into a pocket park and rain garden, in support of the Downtown Billings Alliance’s 2018 strategic plan.

A pocket park (also known as a parkette or mini-park) is a small park accessible to the general public. Pocket parks are frequently created on a single vacant building lot or on small, irregular pieces of land. Although they are too small for physical activities, pocket parks provide greenery, a place to sit outdoors, and sometimes a children’s playground, monument, historic marker or art project.

Future location of the pocket park
The Billings Depot is developing a pocket park and rain garden at the East end of Montana Avenue to help beautify this part of Downtown and make it more walkable and visually appealing. With the support of City organizations like the DBA and Big Sky Economic Development, the Depot will begin renovations of the project in Summer 2018 with expectations of completion in Spring 2019.

This project also builds upon two other recent Depot projects: the Montana Avenue lighting project which was unveiled in February and our new Historical Walking Tour.

Wild Women of the West meet every month and the project officially kicked off April 17 2018 with presentations by CTA Architects, DBA, and Master Gardeners. The project will be split into phases and individual committees will be created to focus on specifics of the project: Lighting, Safety, Greenery, Irrigation, Seating, Signage, etc.